Looking for something innovative to make your life easier? Discover a wide range of some of the most innovative gadgets available to buy online. From cutting edge products from startups to some very useless stuff to spend your hard earned cash on!


The Emperor XT Workstation

Take your productivity to the next level with an awesome, super immersive and super comfy workstation, that looks super cool and sort of like a scorpion! With the Emperor XT Workstation you’ll get distrac…

$5305.00 from MWE Lab» Check It Out

Water Jet Pack by Zapata

Have some insane fun by fulfilling one of your childhood dreams. With the Water Jetpack by Zapata you’ll not only be able to fly via jetpack, but thanks to the fact that it’s a water jetpack, you…

$5.934 from Zapata» Check It Out

Transparent Crystal Clear Kayak

Experience the ultimate kayaking experience by, basically, kayaking and 15% snorkeling. With the Transparent Kayak by Driftsun you can enjoy the typical experience while seeing what the fishes are privately doi…


Water Hoverboard by Zapata

Get ready for to have all new kinds of fun and an awesome adrenaline rush by hovering at up to 15m (49ft) in the air with the Flyboard by Zapata! The Zapata water hoverboard is such a top notch product that the…

$1.955 from Zapata» Check It Out

The Planetarium Watch

Are you immortal or just have a really long lifespan, by any chance? If you’ve answered yes to any of those questions, then might we suggest you ditch the average wrist watch. It’s probably only goo…


Custom Built Viking Ship

Ever feel like you should’ve been born in another time? Do you crave exploring and adventure? Pillaging and plundering? You can obviously do that anytime, but with a custom built Viking Ship you can do it…


Meteorite Pistols

The future is at our doorstep. Soon enough, humans will be able to live on Mars. “That’s cool and all, but how do we enforce our 2nd Amendment rights in space” you ask? Why, by wielding the st…

$4.500.000 from Cabot Guns» Check It Out
The Umbrella Hat

The Umbrella Hat

These are the hats that you see people wear at sporting events ( not golf, though ), in amusement parks, and sometimes at the beach… and that episode of “Dexter’s Laboratory” where he wa…