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Custom Vinyl Records

Personalized Vinyl Records

Whether you’re an old soul or want to make a well-thought-out gift for someone special, you won’t go wrong by creating a custom vinyl record with the songs of your choice. Maybe you collect vinyl re…

$118.58 from Vinilify» Check It Out
Fresh Face - Custom Car Air Fresheners

Custom Car Air Fresheners

Stick out from the masses, that use the same old air fresheners that suppress individuality, with these personalized air fresheners that look like your or anyone else’s face. All you have to do when order…

$20.29 from Firebox» Check It Out
The Bariseur - Coffee Making Alarm Clock 1

Coffee Making Alarm Clock

This has to be one of the best inventions of our time. You can finally have an incentive to get out of bed when the alarm goes off with the alarm clock that brews coffee or tea. No longer will you have those sl…

Tree Root Chandelier

Tree Root Chandelier

Do you find yourself enjoying a tranquil atmosphere? Are you into nature? How about fairies? Add a magical nature look to your home that’ll make you feel like you’re living underground, with the Tre…

$1650 from Etsy» Check It Out