Checking out possibilities on how to improve your home or office life? That’s great! You can find all sorts of awesome stuff to spruce up your surroundings, use it at your leisure and remind yourself what a good choice you’ve made, and what amazing taste you have! You should pat yourself on the back! Here you can discover a wide range of home improvement solutions, fun and possibly unnecessary stuff that you may buy if you’re an impulse shopper, or full fledged actual homes. This is the stuff that dreams are made of!

Pop Up Outlet

Pop Out Outlet

An often overlooked detail in homes, but one that will add to the minimalistic elegance and functionality of your home, the pop out outlet can be hidden when not used, and when you need it, you’ve got 3 p…

The Bariseur - Coffee Making Alarm Clock 1

Coffee Making Alarm Clock

This has to be one of the best inventions of our time. You can finally have an incentive to get out of bed when the alarm goes off with the alarm clock that brews coffee or tea. No longer will you have those sl…

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Tree Root Chandelier

Tree Root Chandelier

Do you find yourself enjoying a tranquil atmosphere? Are you into nature? How about fairies? Add a magical nature look to your home that’ll make you feel like you’re living underground, with the Tre…

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Blood Splatter Wallpaper

Looking for an alternative aesthetic for your home’s interior? Something a little bit edgier, but cozy at the same time? Then, how the Blood Splatter Wallpaper fits into that image you’ve got in you…

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Cannabis Killer Candle

12oz Cannabis Killer Candle

Want to go all Cheech and Chong but none of the stench lingering around afterwards? Let you and your friends enjoy hours of blissful highness without no worries afterwards that you’ll reek of whatever poi…

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Planet Plates

Planet Plates

This is for those science enthusiasts in the audience, and they’re sure to love these planet plates. Not sure about anyone else…although they should. What’s wrong with you! This set of 8 dishw…

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