We’re not sure, but we suspect that gifts for couples are typically boring and practical housewarming gifts. Well, they don’t have to be boring. No Sir! If you’re looking for a gift for couples, then here you’ll surely find one to make you stand out – yes, yes… the gift is supposed to be all about the one that receives, it. But hey, I’ll be the first to admit it, I want to be the one that gives the coolest damn gift that either makes everyone laugh or brings tears to everyone’s eyes, and “awwwwwh” in the background. Out of the following, we very much hope that you find something to that effect.


Transparent Crystal Clear Kayak

Experience the ultimate kayaking experience by, basically, kayaking and 15% snorkeling. With the Transparent Kayak by Driftsun you can enjoy the typical experience while seeing what the fishes are privately doi…

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