Stay prepared for whatever your the great outdoors may throw at you with a plethora of cool camping gadgets, equipment and multi-tools that are sure to help you stay safer and have more fun whether you travel alone or with your family or friends.


Water Jet Pack by Zapata

Have some insane fun by fulfilling one of your childhood dreams. With the Water Jetpack by Zapata you’ll not only be able to fly via jetpack, but thanks to the fact that it’s a water jetpack, you…


Transparent Crystal Clear Kayak

Experience the ultimate kayaking experience by, basically, kayaking and 15% snorkeling. With the Transparent Kayak by Driftsun you can enjoy the typical experience while seeing what the fishes are privately doi…

The Umbrella Hat

The Umbrella Hat

These are the hats that you see people wear at sporting events ( not golf, though ), in amusement parks, and sometimes at the beach… and that episode of “Dexter’s Laboratory” where he wa…

Glow in the Dark Wooden Table

Glow in the Dark Wooden Table

Create an enchanting atmosphere at night, at your next cookout, with the glow in the dark wooden table. The naturally formed voids in the Cypress wood ar filled with photoluminescent powder, combined with clear…

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Fishing Caddy Bucket

Make your trip to the lake a breeze by having the fishing caddy bucket by your site. It comes with built-in rod holders so you can keep your fishing rods close to you, sink your hook, instantly notice any bites…

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Tabletop Glass Fireplace

Tabletop Glass Fireplace

This adorable tabletop glass fireplace makes those chilly nights a little more bearable, while it lights up the place and sets in a more romantic mood. Each unit is ~9 inches tall, is assembled without the need…

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