If you’re looking for a general purpose gift to make someone laugh, than take your pick! This absolutely stunning assortment of awesome things features some of the most hilarious gifts you can buy for yourself or for your friend. If you’re attending an anniversary and don’t know what to get, you can just do as we do – when in doubt, get something ridiculous. Of course, we do not consider these to be just gag gifts, many of them are quite practical and very, very fun. We hope you enjoy!

Fresh Face - Custom Car Air Fresheners

Custom Car Air Fresheners

Stick out from the masses, that use the same old air fresheners that suppress individuality, with these personalized air fresheners that look like your or anyone else’s face. All you have to do when order…

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Premium Fake Poop

“PREMIUM” Fake Poop

This is literally some “Awesome Sh*t You Can Buy” – Haha….amirite? Aaah.. Quality comedy. It’s a great big pile of sh*t. It’s a great gift for a practical joker or if you you…

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